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Counseling Center FAQs:

What is Grace Counseling?

  • Grace Counseling is a non-profit counseling center that offers affordable, professional, Christian counseling to our community. We combine grace and truth to heal the emotional and spiritual health of individuals, marriages, and families.
  • Grace Counseling opened its doors in 2019 and was started by Grace Church, a non-denominational Christian church in Central Florida.
  • While all of our therapists are Christians, the extent to which faith is actively incorporated in your therapy is up to you.

How do I know counseling is my next step?

  • People go to counseling for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is to process recent life changes or a traumatic event. Other times, it is a desire to develop a deeper awareness for why we do, think, and feel a certain way.
  • Counseling may be your next step if you feel stuck, are looking for relief in certain areas of your life, or find yourself curious about your story and wanting to understand yourself more.
  • Like any health endeavor, counseling is most beneficial when you are ready to do the work both inside and outside of the counseling room.

I think someone in my life would benefit from counseling. How do I connect them?

  • If the person is over 18 years old, the best way to get them connected is to give them our phone number and email address and have them reach out to schedule an appointment themselves. We are unable to schedule appointments on behalf of other adults.
  • If the person is under 18 years old and you are their legal guardian with medical rights, you can schedule them an appointment. 
  • For couples counseling, both adults need to consent to treatment.

How do I know which therapist is right for me?

Our intake team will get to know your reasons for seeking counseling and make recommendations based on your needs. You can also read more about each of our therapists here.

What can I expect at my first session?

  • We will review confidentiality and limitations, counseling policies and procedures, and give you an opportunity to share more about your reasons for seeking counseling. Our goal is to provide a safe and connecting environment where you feel heard and understood.

What are your locations and hours?

  • Grace Counseling has two locations, one in Orlando and one in Winter Springs, and also offers telehealth appointments for clients in the state of Florida. 
  • Our offices are open Monday through Friday with morning and evening options available for both in-person and telehealth counseling.

Can someone in a state other than Florida schedule a telehealth appointment?

  • No, Grace Counseling therapists are only licensed in the state of Florida, and a therapist can only provide counseling in the state they are licensed or registered in.

How long is a session?

Each therapy session is scheduled for 50 mins. Extended sessions can be made available upon request.

How much does therapy cost?

  • While the national cost of counseling is $178/hour, as a non-profit counseling center, Grace Counseling is committed to providing more affordable counseling options. Our counseling sessions are less than half of many other counseling centers in the area ranging from $25-$90/session. We also offer needs-based counseling scholarships for those that qualify.

    • $25/Hour | Sessions with a Student Intern (currently working toward a master’s degree in a counseling field)
    • $65/Hour | Sessions with a Registered Mental Health Intern (have completed their master’s degree in a counseling field and are working toward state licensure)
    • $90/Hour | Sessions with a Licensed Therapist

Do you accept insurance?

  • Grace Counseling does not accept insurance. However, due to our reduced-cost model, our rates for therapy are often less than co-pays with insurance.

Why does Grace Counseling have Student Interns, Registered Interns, and Licensed Therapists?

  • Part of Grace Counseling’s mission is to train and equip more high quality therapists in Central Florida, which is why we are passionate about having Registered Interns and Student Interns on our team.
  • Licensed Therapists: Therapists that have a master’s degree, completed the required 1500 hours of counseling under supervision, and passed their licensure exam to practice independently.
  • Registered Intern: Therapists that have a master’s degree and are in the process of completing the 1,500 required hours of counseling under the supervision of a qualified supervisor.
  • Student Interns: Students that are pursuing their master’s degree in counseling. It is a counseling program requirement to work in a clinical setting under the supervision of a qualified supervisor.